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House Flipping SEO is a completely digital online training program that teaches you how to ORGANICALLY rank your website to the top spots!

STOP spending thousands of dollars on PPC, Facebook Ads, 
SEO Companies, and web design. 

We show you how to rank for FREE.

For years all real estate investors have been using the same expensive tactics to find sellers. Mailers, bandit signs, pay per click ads… Even in the digital age, most real estate investors are behind the times.  

Once these methods start bringing in traffic, only 2 to 3 out of every 5000 turns into deals. That means you’re spending thousands of dollars just to attract traffic and killing your ROI. It’s a colossal waste of money!


Instead of spending money on mixed quality traffic, that may leave you empty-handed. You could be focusing on attracting high quality leads organically without spending a dime.

 There’s a proven system that brings home sellers who are hot and ready to sell to your company! And anyone can use it, even with zero tech skills. This industry secret has been consistently producing 6 figure months for hundreds of real estate investors all around the country.

With this method, you’ll be able to:

  • Create 42% MORE traffic to your website
  • ​Close more deals
  • ​Bring in HOT leads who are ready to sell NOW 
  • ​Save thousands of dollars on your marketing
  • ​Get a massive advantage over ALL of your competitors 
  • ​Attract leads ready to sell, waving their keys, hot, and wanting to work with YOU!

This Is The Future Of Modern Real Estate Investing!

By now, you know how much of an investment your marketing is. 
 Odds are you’ve been using the same old tricks everyone is taught when you first start.

Times are changing. If your business isn’t ready to dominate in the digital world, you’re finished!  

What I’m about to let you in on is the biggest secret that very few investors share. This tactic has earned us 6 figure months.. And has been consistently reproducing months just like that, for us and all of our students.

Now you can discover the same traffic strategy (that actually works) for your business!

Here’s the secret...

You’ve Probably Noticed…

Every industry on the internet has gone nuts over SEO. You may have even tried it or taken a course. But the truth is... The methods taught in most SEO courses don’t work in the investor industry.

Because SEO for real estate is different, and NO ONE IS DOING IT!

The few who are, are all doing it the same way. The wrong way… Keyword cramming, sketchy backlinks, poor content… All of them the same. All Wrong.

Not only does it fail to work in our industry, but it just doesn’t work for SEO at all.  

Why? Because Google has done tons of updates to their algorithm. Most courses don’t stay up to date, instead they teach worn out methods that actually hurt your ranking.  

And most site owners aren’t updating their pages. Yes it’s bad for them, but it’s great for anyone who knows how to do things right!
It created a big blue ocean of opportunities to rank and leave your competitors in the dust.

At HouseFlipping SEO, we do SEO differently! We focus on what actually works for real estate and teach students how to do everything the right way.

In this course you’ll see how to:

  • Make Google Work for you
  • ​Attract sellers who are all ready to go
  • ​How to close those sellers immediately
  • ​Make traffic copy and paste simple... Without stealing content
  • ​Use your competitors own SEO against them
  • ​Reverse engineer everything your competition is doing… So you can do it better
  • ​Leverage bigger company’s ranking to skyrocket yours to #1
  • ​Ethically steal your competitor’s backlinks
  • ​Turn your content into multiple streams of ongoing traffic

We’ve reinvented SEO specifically for real estate, and no other course teaches the same methods!

Plus, you’re going to learn brand new SEO tactics that only a handful of people know. You will be the only one in your area using these secret techniques. None of your competition will stand a chance!

Get massive amounts of HOT lay-down leads to your website!

Not The Same Old SEO Training...

In this course, we include all of the tools, resources, and information that you need. You’ll know exactly what Google is looking for and how to get it!

Plus, you’re getting the tactics our team has developed that we’ve never seen anyone else use. All in an easy to follow step by step strategy that even the least techy investors can use. Once you’ve learned them, you can use them on every page you create. So you can repeat the steps and reach the entire country!

There are a few things you need to know…

No SEO course can get you ranking on the first page overnight. It takes some time and work to get to the top. Anyone who tells you differently is just trying to take your money.

But you’ll have help every step of the way through a simple to follow step by method.  

Secondly, ranking on the first page is pointless if you aren’t closing the leads it attracts. So we’re also going to show you how to close those leads and make the deal.

That’s what makes this 6-week course the best SEO training for real estate investors. 

But the most amazing thing is that with our proven system, you don’t have to be an SEO master. You don’t need web developer experience or knowledge. And you can still get amazing results, with just an internet connection and a keyboard...

Are You Ready To Attract HOT Leads NOW?

What’s Inside…

This course covers everything you need to know to get the most out of every lead that comes to your motivated seller website.

  • Branding, so people want to work with you 
  • ​Convert leads easier 
  • ​Reverse engineer your competitor’s effort and do better
  • ​Our Photo Bomb technique that makes people ask to give you backlinks 
  • ​Hack your Google My Business Listing to make Google work for you

The entire course lasts for 6 weeks, and you get lifetime access. You don’t have to worry about falling behind because you can go your own pace. 
All you have to do to get results is show up and do the work! Then sooner than you expect, leads will come running to your site!

Week 1
Mindset, SEO ABC's & Brand Building.

Learn the basics of SEO and how it works. Together we’ll build everything from the ground up. Choose your domain, build your site, and lay the right foundation for your SEO. You’ll also start building your brand and putting your best foot forward before anyone even sees your page.

Week 2
Website Revamp, Conversions & Spies.

This week will focus on setting up for conversion. Your ranking doesn’t matter if the traffic isn’t converting into seller leads. You’ll also get a look at some of the biggest players in the game. Then deep dive into your website.

Week 3
Keyword Research, Content & HARO.

Find out what the top ranking factors really are and how to get to the top of the page. This week you’ll focus on what you MUST do to rank on Google, how to decide what content to use, and even get it done for you. This week you’ll learn some crazy SEO strategies.

Week 4
Testimonials, Tracking, & Forbes.

Use Google’s tools to track your digital footprint and get people talking about you! (In a good way, of course.) You’ll find out how to track your results and see what is working. Then see how to get bigger companies to give you backlinks.

Week 5
Backlinks & Social Media Powerhouses.

Backlinks, internal links, and external links… This week you’ll find out what they are, what they do, and how to get them. Plus, learn some social media strategies that work. And discover some top secret ninja SEO strategies.

Week 6
Being the authority in your market, local rankings, & more.

In the final week, you’ll learn to eviscerate your competitors! You’ll find out how to tower over your competitors without losing your credibility. And we’re going to share the strategies we used that have earned us 6 figure months.

In only six short weeks, you’ll learn everything that huge investors will never tell you.
We walk you through every step of it!

This is the only complete real estate investor SEO training you’ll find. No one is teaching all of this in one class.

But because we want to set you up for success, we’re throwing in some amazing bonuses that will help increase your results! 

If you sign up today, you’re going to get:

BONUS #1: HouseflippingSEO Private Group: In this members-only group, you’ll be surrounded by people on the same path you are. Plus, access to my team and me.

You’ll also get even more information and answers to any questions you have. This member’s only group will be the first to know about any updates or changes Google puts in place. This will give you an edge over everyone taking lesser SEO courses. 

BONUS #2: 6 Figure Closing Scripts: You’ll get the same scripts we used to close all the sellers that  have earned us 6 figure months.

These proven scripts help you take hot leads and have them practically begging to sell to you, right now!

BONUS #3: The Cool Tool Link Guide: These tools will get your site looking more impressive, your content even higher quality, and give your brand even more credibility.

This our personal list of extra tools we use that most people never even think of. With this guide, you’ll be able to 10X your results easier!

Everything you will need to know is here in the HouseFlipping SEO course.  

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Stop Paying For Traffic and Start Attracting Leads!

Now you’ve seen what House Flipping SEO has done for other students. What would those results mean for your business?

This program isn’t for everyone. And we can’t promise you any results unless you do the work. So, if you’re the type of person interested in doing something until it’s time to do it. This isn’t for you.

And if you’ve never closed a deal, paid for traffic, or are just getting started, this isn’t for you either.

But if you’re an action taker who wants more money and more leads, you’re in the right place! 

We are only able to accept 75 new students (we’re still in the business, so our time is limited). We wish we could help more of you… we just can’t.  

So, that means spots in this course are extremely limited!

However, if this page is up, then we still have open spots. And this is your chance to claim your spot before someone else does.

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